COVID-19 Financial Guidance

NYAC Finance and Administration: Your Church Partner for Economic Understanding, Development and Viability 

It will inevitably take time to assess the financial impact that COVID-19 has on the financial well-being and long term viability of New York Annual Conference local churches and ministries. Please know, however, that in spite of this uncertain atmosphere, the NYAC finance and administration staff are all working diligently to assess, address and manage the impact of the Pandemic.

Like all NYAC ministries, we are regularly tracking reliable sources for news and updates about the impact of COVID-19 in order to better tailor answers the many questions local churches have.  Please click here to visit our general page containing other "Critical Information, Resources, Tools and Tips on COVID-19.”

The resources noted on this page will continue to grow as we uncover additional ways to help church leaders understand matters ranging from:

  • Recently passed legislation (the Family First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) and Coronavirus Aid 

  • Relief, and Economic Security (CARES Act)

  • Online giving

  • Finance-focused webinars

  • Employee-focused issues and more

If you still have questions, please feel free to call (914-615-2212) or email Ross Williams, NYAC CFO and Director of Administrative Services for assistance. We’re always available to help. Read Ross' finance emails.


Meetings and Seminars

Church Finance Web Seminar Held May 7, 2020

Is your church struggling to handle its finances during this COVID-19 crisis?  We want to help. Ross Williams, New York
Annual Conference CEO and Director of Administrative Services, recently held a webinar for church Finance Chairs, Treasurers and Pastors. You can watch the video below.


Online Giving 
Vanco, a UMC partner, currently serves approximately 25,000 churches and faith-based organizations.  They are the nation’s largest on-line giving provider in the faith-based community.  Vanco does not work in a contracted manner so churches are under no long-term obligation and will not incur a cancellation fee should they choose to terminate services.
Within the faith-based industry, roughly 60+% of all donations are received through ACH (checking or savings a
ccount withdrawals) with the remainder being received through credit/debit cards.  Because of the variance in processing fees for these two options, churches can expect a cost rate of about 2.0-2.2%.  These costs can be further reduced through the use of an offset on credit/debit donations allowing donors to cover the costs of the transactions.
Go here to learn more about Vanco
. You can also email Peter Johnson or call him at or 952-352-8136. 

There are many other ways to help your church set up on-line giving; do your research. Below are resources to get you started:


Finance Resources

UMC agencies offer resources to local churches and church leadership on a range of issues, including giving at the local church level during these times of quarantine and confinement:

The General Council on Finance and Administration


Discipleship Ministries