Conference Committees At a Glance


Information about Conference Boards, Commissions, Committees & Councils

You're a Committee Chair! Now what?

Accessibility, Committee on (¶653)*

Archives and History, Commission on (¶641)*

Asian Council Awaiting information

Black Methodists for Church Renewal

Camps Governing Board*

Chinese Council Awaiting information

Christian Unity & Interreligious Concerns, Commission on (¶642)* Awaiting information

Church and Society, Board of (¶629)*

Conference Sessions, Commission on (Conf. Rule 17)*

Connectional Ministries Vision Table*

Episcopacy, Committee on (¶637)*

Equitable Compensation, Commission on (¶625)*

Examination of the Conference Journal, Committee on (Conf. Rule 4)

Finance and Administration, Council on (¶¶611-619)*

Frontier Foundation, United Methodist

Higher Education and Campus Ministries, Board of (¶634)*

Hispanic-American Council

Immigration Task Force

Justice for Our Neighbors

Korean Council

Laity, Board of (¶631)*


How often does the group meet in person?

At least six-to-eight times a year. 

How often does the group meet via conference call?

As needed. All meetings are accessible via conference calls. 

Where does the group meet when it meets in person?

Conference Center

Day/time of in-person meetings?

Days are flexible, usually Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. In-person meetings are scheduled to begin at 6:30pm. 

Besides meetings, are there any regular events members are expected to attend?

Yes. Annual Laity Event (Laity Convocation), Annual Conference Laity Session, District Lay Leaders Training Event for Local Church Lay Leaders (led and attended by district lay leaders). 

District Lay Leaders may attend The Association of Annual Conference Lay Leaders’ (AACLL) meetings for information only; as guests, however, they have no voice and no vote.

Duties — brief synopsis of the work of this Board or Committee

The Book of Discipline 2016 section 631-2: "The Board seeks to help the laity understand their role in fulfilling the Church’s mission both within as well as outside of the church. Its goal is to provide specific training and resources in general and encourage their inclusion in the ministry of the church at the local, district and conference levels. The Board supports the collaborative work of the organized lay groups in the conference as we connect the needs of people to the presence of God and share God’s love.

"Section 631-3, page 452 recommends the following persons for members of the Conference Board of Laity: conference lay leader as chair, the associate conference lay leader, conference director of Lay Speaking Ministries, the conference scouting coordinator, the president and two representatives elected by each of the conference organizations of United Methodist Men (UMM), United Methodist Women (UMW), United Methodist Young Adults, and the conference council on youth ministries; and  in addition, the district lay leaders*, two laymen, two laywomen, and two youth elected by the annual conference upon nomination of the conference nominating committee, a district superintendent designated by the cabinet, the director of the conference council on ministries*, and the presiding bishop. Particular attention shall be given to the inclusion of people with disabilities and racial and ethnic persons.

"All members shall be professing members of local churches."

*The NYAC – BOL includes in its membership: associate district lay leaders, and district directors of lay servant ministries and associates, the director of the CMVT.


What gifts/skills will an effective member of this committee possess?

All members of the Board of Laity, except for the few at-large members, are on the Board by virtue of holding another office. However, to be productive members, once on the board, the following gifts/skills are necessary. 

  1. One must be a spiritual leader who is working to grow spiritually through Bible study, prayer, and religious studies.
  2. Strive to increase your knowledge of the United Methodist Church and its polity.
  3. Be a good listener and communicator.
  4. Take responsibility, work well as a team player with both clergy and laity.
  5. Has a keen interest in connecting with the community, thus the needs of people to the presence of God to transform the world through Christ.
  6. Able to build relationships and “strive to share God’s love by creating safe places where all are accepted and welcomed. . .”
  7. Share your expertise, thoughts, presence, gifts, and graces at scheduled meetings.
  8. Be able to incorporate/align the new mission, vision and core values in the work of the laity of our churches.

Lay Servant Ministries, Conference Committee on (¶631.6)*

Long-Range Planning Commission* Awaiting information

Mission u Team

Mission and Outreach*

Native American Ministry, Committee on (¶654)

Nominations, Committee on (Conf. Rule 58)*

Older Adult Ministries, Commission on (¶651)*

Ordained Ministry, Board of (¶635) Awaiting information

Parish Development, Committee on (¶633.5)*

Pensions and Health Benefits, Board of (¶639)*

Personnel, Committee on (¶805.4b & ¶807.12b)*

Religion and Race, Commission on (¶643)*

Retired Clergy & Spouses Fellowship

Rules Committee (Conf. Rule 19)*

Status and Role of Women, Commission on the (¶644)*

Trustees, Board of (¶640, 2512)*

United Methodist Men (¶648)

United Methodist Women (¶647) Awaiting information

Young Clergy Debt Assistance Program

Youth Ministries, Conference Council on (¶649)* Awaiting information