Discounted Software for Not-for-profits

Discounted Software for Not-for-profits

Ross Williams


Dear Treasurers and Finance Chairs (copy to Pastors),

I want to let you know about the opportunity to purchase computer software for your church at steeply discounted prices through a Not-for-profit organization called "TechSoup" (yes, it's a very strange name).

In my spare time I handle the accounting for a Not-for-profit charitable organization and a few years ago I purchased QuickBooks for only $19.00 through TechSoup.  The prices through TechSoup represent savings of hundreds of dollars over the normal retail cost of these products.  

You can view the entire catalog of available software at:

This catalog includes more than 375 products from over 90 companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, Intuit, and Symantec.

In order to receive these discounts you will need to "qualify" your church through an on-line application.  In some cases, you may need to submit a letter on your church's letterhead.  I was required to do this and it was really very simple.  

To get started, go to the web-site below and click on the "Join" button in the upper right side of the screen.

Sincerely,  Ross