250th Timeline and Calendar

NYAC 250th Anniversary Timeline

The Commission on Archives and History produced a timeline banner covering 250 years of NYAC history that was displayed at Annual Conference 2016. 


PDF Timeline (small size for viewing)


If you would like to order a large printed banner of the timeline that can be displayed at your church or event, it can be ordered directly through Printmoz.com, the company the CAH used to print the banner displayed at Annual Conference. To order:

  1. Call Printmoz.com at 1-877-287-0059 (the order must be placed by phone to access the timeline file)
  2. Tell them that you would like to order a banner 106 by 26 inches using the artwork on file for order #61316. You will need to create your own account with Printmoz so that you can receive the confirmation and shipping emails for your order. 
  3. Provide your credit card information to the representative.

The CAH cannot guarantee the cost of the banner since pricing is subject to change, but the approximate cost of our banner was $36 plus shipping. 

NOTE: if you would like to use a different printer, the PDF file is provided below in a larger size appropriate for sending to a printer. You may open it, save it to your computer and upload it to any vendor that prints custom vinyl banners. It may take several minutes for the large size file to open - please be patient! Once the timeline appears, there will be a download arrow in the upper right corner. The banner size printed by CAH was 106 inches by 26 inches (slightly larger than 8 feet by 2 feet). 

PDF Timeline (large size for download/printing) 


NYAC 250th Anniversary Calendar of Historic Places


The Commission on Archives and History produced a July 2016-June 2017 calendar of historic places in the New York Annual Conference, which was also distributed at Annual Conference. 

A limited number of additional printed copies are available; please email archives@nyac.com for more information. A small donation is appreciated to defray the costs of printing and mailing. 

A PDF file is also available, which can be sent to a printer or printed on a photocopier that does booklet printing. This is a large file, so please be patient while it loads! When the calendar appears, there will be a download arrow in the upper right corner