Church Insurance

Ross Williams

October 10, 2017

Dear Trustees Chairs, Treasurers, Finance Chairs and Pastors: It is very important that churches carry adequate Property & Casualty insurance on their buildings, vehicles and operations.  This is because one uninsured incident can result in significant financial costs and potentially, the closure of a church's doors.  Being adequately insured is probably the single-most important action a church can take to protect it's assets, it's people and it's ministry from unforeseen events. When it comes...

CT District Raised Funds for Successful Water Filter Project

October 09, 2017

In 2016, the CT District raised $17,344.50 to support a partnership with  Accion Medica Cristiana in Nicaragua.     350 filters were distributed along with health and hygiene education to 5 communities in the North Autonomous Caribbean Region blessing close to 2,000 people. Read the report, "CT District Filtrones Project."

NY Paid Family Leave Act Update

Sally Truglia

October 05, 2017

Greetings! As promised, this is a follow-up to my email of September 6, 2017, regarding the implementation of the 2018 NY State Paid Family Leave Act.  I've attached materials which I hope will be helpful to you. The first is a comparison chart of the benefits and eligibility for the state Disability law and the Paid Family Leave Act, published by The Hartford Insurance Company. The second sheet outlines the State of New York's tax guidance.  Employees should be notified in advance that you, as ...

AIEM Housing Allowances

Ross Williams

October 04, 2017

Dear Clergy on Appointment in Extension Ministries, We want to ensure that you understand and take advantage of an important tax benefit available to ordained clergy.  Please read the information below on how to set up a housing exclusion so that a portion of your income can be treated as tax-free for federal, state and local purposes.  While you may not be currently serving a “church”, you can still qualify for this favorable tax treatment subject to the rules below.  The most important rule is...

Clergy Housing Allowances

Ross Williams

October 04, 2017

Dear Clergy and Church Finance Leaders: The topic of clergy “Housing Allowances” can be a complicated one, involving specific rules and confusing terminology.  It is also an area that requires action prior to the processing of payroll each calendar year.  So what follows is a summary based upon the many questions that I receive on this topic. The Basics: 1. Section 107 of the Internal Revenue Code permits a “minister of the gospel” to exclude a “Housing Allowance” from income. This Housing ...

Message from Missionary Sun Lae Kim from Mongolia

September 14, 2017

Newsletter from Missionary Sun Lae Kim

NY State Family Leave Law

Sally Truglia

September 09, 2017

Information for UMC Churches and affiliated organizations in New York State Starting January 1, 2018, New York will put in place one of the most comprehensive paid family leave laws in the nation.  The final regulations are still pending and guidelines are just becoming available. However, it’s still important to pass along information about the current NY disability law and its upcoming change. New York is one of a handful of states that require employers to provide disability insurance ...

No Expiration Date on Service to God

Jim Stinson, Consultant on Older Adult Ministries

August 23, 2017

“I don’t feel as if I belong here.” “It is not the world I knew.” “Maybe I have lived too long.” Sound familiar? Having had the privilege of pastoring congregations and serving as director of spiritual life for United Methodist Homes for more than a half century, I cannot even begin to guess the frequency with which older people have expressed these feelings. Even as I continue to serve as a pastor to a small congregation, the feelings continue to find expression. I understand them differently ...

Jamaica Mission Mt. Osborn Methodist Church

August 08, 2017

JAMAICA MISSION 2017 Mt. Osborn Methodist Church Pictured above (left to right) John Machledt, Mize Johnson, Polly Torrence, Phyllis Machledt, Bob Lindquist, Maya Pelletier, Kelly Taylor, Mike Emard, Sam Pelletier, Panton Christie, and Alexa Lundin.   On July 4th a mission group of 11 members led by Golden Hill United Methodist Church, Bridgeport Connecticut traveled to Leeds, St Elizabeth Parish in the hills of Southwest Jamaica. For six members of the group, this was a return ...

Mission Trip to Haiti August 2017

August 08, 2017

In early July, our 22-person team had the privilege of visiting Furcy. For some, it was an opportunity to reconnect with old friends and for others; it was the first exposure to a community so many of us think about every day. Our group was a wonderful mix of high school, college-age and older “youth” and we were also blessed to have a last-minute addition to our team – a high schooler from New Jersey whose family fled Haiti after the earthquake but visit every summer. His parents had approached...

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